Customer Strategy

Defines the range of prospective and current customers based on a combination of qualitative and quantitative methods, their respective value and initiatives to grow engagement

Experience Strategy

Defines the path to a future state of offerings and touchpoints, delivered through an integrated, customer-led approach connecting patterns in customer needs, aspirations and journeys to how and what a brand delivers

Engagement Economics

Quantifies in customer and business terms the value of transformed customer journeys, explicitly defining moments that matter to both customers and the business

Service Design

Designing a connected service journey, delivered across touchpoints end to end, from front stage (what customers see) to back stage (the organization, business process, and supporting tools)

Cognitive Experiences

Designing data-driven customer experiences based on artificial intelligence, emergent technology, and instrumented intelligence

Connected Environments

Designing spaces retail, branch or exhibition blending digital considerations seamlessly with physical ones by leveraging teams and lab spaces, like Second Story and Emerging Experiences